How often do you hear “I can’t sell” as an objective as to why someone doesn’t consider the amazing opportunity you are presenting in front of them? They can see how the opportunity has real potential to change their life and the life of others, but they are paralyzed with the notion of having to present or sell.

Fear often comes from either the unknown or past memories. Let’s address some of these issues so one can begin to really get comfortable when talking to prospects… no matter what business they are in.

The first step to eliminating the fear of selling is the identify what is causing this fear. There is usually at least one triggering aspect of the job that causes the unpleasant feelings. Let’s outline the sales process in an attempt to identify where the triggers lie.

  1. Prospecting/Lead Generation
  2. Setting Appointments (Cold Calling or Warm Leads Follow Up)
  3. Qualifying Prospects
  4. Making Presentations
  5. Handling Objections
  6. Closing the Sale
  7. Asking for Referrals

A good exercise is to rank these stages in order of what affects you from the worst to the best.It is by educating yourself on each stage, preparing for it, that ease and comfort begins to happen. Gather and master the necessary resources and skills from experts in the field and you will be well armed, and fear will dissipate! The following are examples within each stage.

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