We’ve all heard of YouTube Influencers who are making a living just making YouTube videos, but have you wondered how they get paid? This article will explain how YouTubers make money… how you can make a living on YouTube also!

I recently read about an elementary school teacher who makes more off YouTube each month than from her teaching job. I know this speaks to teachers’ salaries and how much they are undervalued in this country, but it also speaks to the ability to make a living off YouTube. In this elementary school teacher’s scenario, she was consistent with making videos about her life as a teacher which then evolved to videos about morning routines and tips for a productive morning which allowed her to reach an even broader audience. Just one morning productivity video earned her over $8,900 and growing while also earning her additional subscribers.

She’s earning about $1,500 a month from Google placed ads via the YouTube Partner Program. Did I say Google? Yes, Google owns YouTube. Your checks will come from Google. Another $1,500 – $2,000 per month of her income comes from Brand Sponsorship and additional income comes from Affiliate Marketing.

These people making such monies through YouTube are often called YouTube Influencers. They influence subscribers to purchase products. They create videos on topics such as lifestyle, fashion, beauty, personal finance, technological how to’s, how to start a business… and on and on!

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