There is so much to compete with now when it comes to online marketing and social media. You must learn how to be a storyteller. Your story is how your viewers will remember your company and your persona is what will influence customers and help you increase brand awareness and attract new followers. Leverage your employees as storytellers also to tell the story of what goes on inside the company. They will be able to speak about what goes on in the company in an authentic manner without being salesy.

I heard that!

Twitter and Instagram provide you with tools for you to see who is talking about you and your brand, your competition or your industry in real time.

Leverage search data to find and engage with potential new followers or customers… reach out to them instead of waiting to respond to them once they make contact by replying to your post or mentions you. Humanize your brand to stay competitive.

Twitter Searches – Look Who’s Talking!

You can access Twitter’s search tool at the top of your homepage on desktop, or under the Discover tab on the Twitter mobile app. You can also navigate directly to Twitter Search.

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Rita Jordan
Rita Jordan

Rita Jordan teaches entrepreneurs how to grow and market their businesses online. Click here to learn more.