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Growing and marketing any business requires an array of resources to message, engage and attract your audience. Having the proper tools that are cost-effective and proven are vital. The true entrepreneur has to be smart while investing with their time and resources in order to truly grow and sustain their company. I always recommend that you outsource where you can instead of trying to do it all yourself. Use your time to focus on your business... what you are the expert at... and let the other experts do a great job for you

But... we understand that sometimes, especially when one is starting out, that a driven entrepreneur may roll up his or her sleeves and dive in to get the job done and save money to get the company off the ground. There is much reward and a true sense of ownership and accomplishment when one makes it happen.  If you have the time but limited financial resources but the capacity of skill, I have provided sources that provide a step-by-step, hand-held sort of training that will allow you to get your online presence up and running in no time!

So the following are affordable, often free, resources to help you build your online presence and brand. Please reach out and share your experiences with these or other effective resources that you have come across. Pay-it-forward!

** MY FAVORITE ** Online Assets Resource

Elements.envato is my absolute favorite online resource for literally MILLIONS of photos, fonts, graphic templates, WordPress themes, and the list goes on and on. All in contemporary, clean design formats ready to bring into your favorite graphics programs for customizing to your needs.

We are talking categories such a videos, audio, presentation templates, eBook templates... everything you could ever need for your visual and marketing communications. There are sites that will charge you $200 just for a package of templates for Canva... these same businesses will feature the same template packages for sale on this site. Why pay them for just their package when you can get theirs and millions more with the unlimited access!

Outsourcing Resources

Today there are more available outsourcing resources than ever before due to the Internet. Many have chosen to work from home as freelancers offering their expertise to business owners so that they can have the benefits of an employee without the overhead. So many competing outsourcing websites are offering professional quality services with affordable rates to help you grow your business. The following is a list of my favorites for services such as logo design, copywriting, banner ads, ebooks, etc. Most I have used myself so consider them tried and true.

In all instances, look for user ratings, review portfolios of work, and reach out and communicate with the service provider in order to choose the best service for your company needs.

99Designs operates a freelance website platform for connecting graphic designers with clients. Services includes custom logo design, websites, book covers, etc. It works by telling 99Designs about your business and what you need designed. You choose a contest design package that is right for you. Your design contest is shared with a community of over 1 million designers from Berlin to Bombay. Professional designers will brainstorm ideas just for you and submit design to your "contest". You will log into your account each day to see their designs and provide feedback using ratings, comments, and private messages to help the designers finalize their ideas for your needs. After 7 days, you choose the winner of your design contest. Your designer gets the prize money and you get your full design copyright. Download your design and use it. Pricing starts at $299 for 30 design concepts. connects businesses with freelancers offering digital services in over 250+ categories. Their name comes from the ability to pay as low as $5 for a service. Signing up is free. Log in and you are able to review the portfolio of work and ratings of a huge inventory of service providers and freelancers. Services include: graphic design (logos, art & illustration, print and web design), writing and translation, audio, video, animation, programming... you name it. You will have the ability to provide input in order to arrive at a final product that serves your purpose. Provider rates vary but you are bound to find a professional quality, affordable solution. Their reputation relies on this as well as yours. 

Fiverr Pro

There is a Fiverr PRO site that provides its client with an even more exceptional, hand-vetted group of professionals. You will spend less time looking for a service provider that you can feel confident with knowing that they are properly vetted. You can find their services here. provides vetted talent to small and larger organizations. Great for startups who need access to in-demand developers, designers, project managers, sales support, customer support, administrative (accounting, bookkeeping, assistant) and other experts and specialized agencies. You will get visibility into client reviews and ratings, portfolios and profiles by specialty... more than just a resume. Plus they have recruiting experts to advise you. They have a basic, free membership that allows for verified freelancer work history and reviews, unlimited proposals and built-in collaboration tools to paid memberships that include a dedicated advisors, project tracking, and more.

Training Packages for the Do-it-Yourselfer

Today there are more available outsourcing resources than ever before due to the Internet. Many have chosen to work from home as freelancers offering their expertise to business owners so that they can have the benefits of an employee without the overhead. So many competing outsourcing websites are offering professional quality services with affordable rates to help you grow your business. The following is a list of my favorites for services such as logo design, copywriting, banner ads, ebooks, etc. 

In all instances, look for user ratings, review portfolios of work, and reach out and communicate with the service provider in order to choose the best service for your company needs.

FIRST! - You Need a Hosting Company

A hosting company will host your website on their servers and publish it to the Internet for you for a monthly fee. We have found that one of the most affordable, dependable, and service rich companies is Blue Host. We built a WordPress site and Blue Host offers WordPress site set-up and hosting for a mere $3-7 a month your first year and includes a domain name and a free SSL certificate (makes your site secure)! We have paid up to $70 for a certificate in the past. Domains range from $8 - $800 depending on the name. Their site allows you to get up and running in minutes with ease. 

Ultimate Branding Blueprint

Tanya Aliza, creator of the Ultimate Branding Blueprint, is a dedicated online marketing expert that has developed a step-by-step, online branding package geared towards the home-based entrepreneur. No expert skills necessary as she and her team demonstate each step to building an online presence. 

You will create a blog website to introduce your online branding presence. This is an amazing deal when you consider the amount of information provided. One would typically spends thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours to gather, learn and practice the information this training package provides. It will take away the fear, the unknown, and fast-starts your business online!

Facebook has over 2 BILLION users... that's billion, not million... so it's vital to have a viable online presence via Facebook pages. But it's one thing to have a Facebook page and another to have it actually working for you and your business.

This step-by-step training will show you how to build your Facebook page as well as your social media sales funnel that will attract a daily flow of interested prospects using this social media giant. Turn your visitors into "raving fans and paying customers". This training will show you how to have people message you every day and ask you more about your products, services and business.

Business Essentials Resources - Productivity

The importance of managing your time is not necessary to stress... we get it. What gets overwhelming is the array of available tools to help businesses stay organized, keep a working schedule and coordinate with others.  Here are some of my favorite resources to help you manage your time, your schedule, your notes, and your files... all to help you have an organized, less stressful day.

Acuity Scheduling - Appointment Scheduling

Acuity Scheduling will be your online assistant 24/7 allowing users to schedule a time to meet with you. You can schedule meetings, paid consultations and class instruction. Here's a list of my favorite things about this particular software solution.  It integrates with:

The list goes on. 

It sends confirmations, reminders, and follow ups via email and text. Any small business that is serious about saving time and having a professional presence will consider this solution. Organize your schedule and control your availability 24/7. Pricing starts at $0 for a free account with limited features but the upgrade to $15 a month for the "emerging entrepreneur" may be all you really need! - Appointment Scheduling

How much time do we spend sending emails back and forth trying to schedule a time to meet? Too much. I love this tool for it's simplicity yet power. Calendly is a automated scheduling tool that will take the work out of connecting with others allowing you to accomplish more in your day besides emailing back and forth. It works with your Google, Office 365 and Outlook calendars as well as apps like Salesforce, Stripe, GoToMeeting, HubSpot, Paypal and Zapier.  Although it is free, it does not integrate with WordPress or Facebook.

Through your link, your contacts can connect up to six of your calendars (Pro version) to automatically check your availability and schedule a meeting that is convenient for both of you. It also allows for scheduling of large teams. It detects time zones. It sends email reminders reducing no-shows and last minute cancellations.

There is a free subscription for one calendar, one user or the Pro version at $12 per month which allows of branding features, customizable email... the works. - Webinar Software

Zoom is webinar software that allows companies to conduct online events and distribute interactive, live and recorded promotional or educational video presentations to existing or potential customers. It includes HD screen sharing, host control, questions and answers dialog box, and post-webinar reporting.

There is a Basic, free plan but only allows for meetings up to 40 minute time limit and up to 100 people. One-one-one meeting have no time limit but if you are presenting to groups and need longer, you will want to upgrade to their Pro plan. For $14 a month, you can have 100 people at one webinar for unlimited meeting length of time. You will also have 1 GB of Cloud Recording space, ability to personalize your Meeting ID, run reports and integrate with 3rd party applicaiton. You will also have Toll-Free Audio Dial-in for your customers. - Notes and more

One of the first, and perhaps most popular, Evernote is a cloud-based solution that offers a free version ideal for note-taking and being able to access those notes from any device, anytime. You can journal your thoughts, save clips from the web... keeps your desk clean. Google and Siri speak to Evernote also. Information can be easily shared with others with your permission. It has a To-Do list generator with reminders. 

One of its best features is the ability to scan images to it, conduct searches in text of uploaded images, pdfs, and other documents.  Typically the Basic plan is sufficient but Evernote offers a Premium and Business plan also.

With the Internet now considered pretty reliable and with high-speed access readily available, cloud-based software packages are providing a lot of business value and growing in popularity. Google is arguable the King of cloud-based software packages. It's very affordable, even for the single user home based entrepreneur and it provides just about any service one can imagine a small business needing... all online... meaning, there are no desktop apps to work with when offline. Some may consider this a con but just how often are you offline? But for this reason, I personally opt for G Suite Business AND Office365 for the word processing, spreadsheet, presentation... the Office Suite, also. 

The unlimited cloud storage offered with G Suite Business alone is worth the $12 a month, per user, that I am paying. Otherwise cloud storage solutions charge more for just storage and with limited storage size. Google breaks their available services into four categories: Connect, Create, Access, and Control. Connect with email, calendars, chats, video mmetings and conferencing, and team messaging. Create with word processing, spreadsheets, forms, slides, websites, idea capture, digital whiteboards, etc. Access with Google Drive (again UNLIMITED STORAGE!) and Cloud Searching. Control with Administration Consoles, Archive, Search and Export Vaults, Secure Mobile Device Management, and Reporting and Insights. There is also, at last count, over 50 additional Google Services to connect to at no additional costs. 

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AWeberis an ideal email marketing solution for entrepreneurs and small businesses. It's quick and easy to build email campaigns. You can build and manage your email lists (your golden asset) with easy to use tools. 

What gets me really excited is the automation tools. We have to be all about automation so we can be efficient, effective with time left over for fun and excitement in our lives! AWeber handles this for us! It will automatically create newsletters from your blog posts or you can use the simple drag-and-drop editor yourself. Create personalized welcome emails, eduational courses, lead nurturing campaigns, and autoresponders that are triggered based on your user's activity.

You will have access to detailed analytics to track, check, adjust and optimized your marketing efforts. It integrates nicely with many other business systems including WordPress, Facebook, Shopify and PayPal to automate adding to your lists. 

It has a free 30-day trial then $19 a month for up to 500 subscribers. I have to give AWeber high marks for custome service. I am on their site,  writing this at 1:55 a.m. Monday morning and just received a reach out via chat from them asking if I needed assistance. Truly 24/7 and they go out of their way to exceed your expectations. 

There's just so much it can do for you, it's best to shoot over to their website and see all the wonderful features AWeber offers for a mere $19 a month!

Personal Development - Mindset

Business Books for Entrepreneurs, Solopreneurs,
Marketers and Network Marketers

Click on book cover thumbnails and be taken to their respective pages on so you can "Look Inside" (if available) and purchase these top-selling books that every entrepreneur and marketer should have on their bookshelves if you want to be trending. Check back often for Rita's updated library of MUST READS!