Social media and YouTube will continue to breed new creators and personal brands which will make the internet even noisier than it is now. Your ability to connect with users on a personal level will be your most effective competitive advantage.

The digital world is on and available 24/7 giving us more options than ever before. Traditional businesses, brick and mortars not only compete with all of the social, online avenues, but now they have to compete with the personal brands that are popping up online every day. Facebook is still #1 in active users with over 2 BILLION members. Next is Instagram, owned by Facebook, with 1 billion.

New Features

These social media outlets are constantly evolving and making enhancements to their platforms to improve storytelling for its users. New features include IGTV by Instagram, Facebook Watch Party, and LinkedIn Live Video. IGTV is a standalone video application owned by Instagram and is primarily for smart phones. Unlike Instagram’s 15 second maximum video time for stories or one minute for posts, IGTV can allow video uploads up to ten minutes.

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Rita Jordan
Rita Jordan

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